The Meaning of Thanksgiving

I normally don’t post in the middle of the week, but With Turkey Day right around the corner, I decided to come up with a short post that really captures the spirit of how this great holiday got started.







…and the rest is history.


Now, I think we should all list something that we’re thankful for.

I’ll go first.

I’m thankful that our murderous ancestors brought their campaign of irrational hatred to a peace-loving people so that I can eat myself into a diabetic coma every year. I’m sure they would be proud of me.



The End.


P.S. Wife and I will be out and about this weekend, so you’ll have to get by with this bite-sized post, sorry.  Happy Turkey Day!


P.P.S. The underwhelmer does not promote Imperialism and feels very, very sorry about what his forefathers did.  Please don’t flood me with hate mail.