I Noticed a Pattern in Game of Thrones

I just finished up Game of Thrones season 3 and I noticed a trend with the characters throughout the entire show.  It seems that the older a character is, the greater the likelihood that they’re a raging prick to everyone else. Without further delay, I give you, “Age vs. Being a Murderous Asshole” enjoy…



***********************HUGE FUCKING SPOILERS AHEAD*************************


No bitching...


GOT Chart




P.S. I can’t wait to get attached to whole new set of characters in season 4 so they too can die horrifically.


P.P.S. Thanks to The Oatmeal for the inspiration on this one.

32 thoughts on “I Noticed a Pattern in Game of Thrones

  1. WHERE – HAVE – YOU – BEEN!!!

    I missed your funny witterings 😦 glad you’re back … Again…

  2. In the first book Rob Stark is actually only about 16 years old, I think (Jon Snow is about 14!). (The ages of the Stark boys are both ridiculously young for what they do… Bran, on the other, stays about 8 years old for all the books and never seems to age).

    Also, how did you not mention Cersei killing all the bastard babies and children?! My only other thought is the Mountain (and even the Hound) kills WAY more people than Littlefinger (at least, so far). Actually don’t think Littlefinger kills many people at all… he’s more of a manipulator in other ways.

    Especially enjoyed your little pictures of the characters, you captured Tywin as a cartoon so well!

  3. Hey! I’m 23 years old and have killed a considerable amount of people already. Though I am not a character in GoT. Though if I was, I would totally be Varys, and keep the people who chopped off my genitals in a box. I do miss my genitals.

  4. Very nice graphic depiction. Accurate too. Game of thrones should be called game of broken dreams & false advertising. I imagined more of a duck-duck-goose style game show & all I got was a perpetual tv brain freeze.

  5. Isn’t that also an accurate representation of real life?

    My gran looks like a soft, polite old lady whom sits around drinking watching Antiques Roadshow. Yet she is the most racist, fascist person that I know. That exterior is fooling to most!

  6. hey me a big fan of game of thrones and though the comparison and verdicts were actually quite hilarious but you never did mention the dragon queen. She too is a big thing or supposedly going to be in the coming season in the fight for the IRON THRONE!! And ahh yes of course the wayward targareyns and also the ever witty dwarfy tyrion lannister!! But then for those who havent watched the earlier episodes this is pretty much what happened throughout the whole three seasons. Nice work. 🙂

  7. *LOL*!!! I’ve decided he just flips a coin to decide. I wonder at times if he flips then says “d*mn, that was my favorite character…..*glares at the evil coin but still kills off character..and cries*”
    You gotta love the books!

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