The Meaning of Thanksgiving

I normally don’t post in the middle of the week, but With Turkey Day right around the corner, I decided to come up with a short post that really captures the spirit of how this great holiday got started.







…and the rest is history.


Now, I think we should all list something that we’re thankful for.

I’ll go first.

I’m thankful that our murderous ancestors brought their campaign of irrational hatred to a peace-loving people so that I can eat myself into a diabetic coma every year. I’m sure they would be proud of me.



The End.


P.S. Wife and I will be out and about this weekend, so you’ll have to get by with this bite-sized post, sorry.  Happy Turkey Day!


P.P.S. The underwhelmer does not promote Imperialism and feels very, very sorry about what his forefathers did.  Please don’t flood me with hate mail.

61 thoughts on “The Meaning of Thanksgiving

    • Me too! I’d first and foremost THANK our dearest and most beloved MADIBA aka Nelson Mandela! Sadly though, his very own people are letting him down so badly with an horrendous amount of corruption and whatever else these $ods can possibly get away with.
      Madiba miraculously ‘dissolved’ the entire HORRENDOUS Apartheid era, yet now, this latest bunch of baboons are reintroducing it … and in full scale too! Grrr 😦
      So sad! Truly so sad!
      KwaZulu Natal ~ South Africa

      • I would personally like to thank the Orthodox Church for making us believe we will die in hell so often these past centuries

  1. I like the way how you draw up the bottom eyelids of your characters when you want to convey a certain expression 🙂 Kind of reminds me of “scarat” in Ice Age.

    Interestingly, I think around 80% of the native population was wiped out by diseases Europeans brought over from their lands – like smallpox etc.

    They gave their conquerors syphilis in return.

  2. Rush Limbaugh did a great pro-thanksgiving piece yesterday. I live in Texas and listen to some talk radio for “perspective”. He’d really love your post! I really like the illustrations. Dig the wizard hat or whatever that is. How many beats did the Pilgrim count to himself before he asked the question I wonder.

    • Mr. Limbaugh and I aren’t on speaking terms after he lost to me in that pie eating contest in Atlanta in 07. He isn’t a gracious loser. 😛

      I’m glad you like my little cartoons. The wizard hat is a personal favorite. I think the pilgram waited for about three seconds before he decided it was time to go all colonial.

  3. Fascinating perspective! Don’t most good things come from rotten places……………………..I’m thankful for my family.

  4. Is it weird that I find this post both thought-provoking and hilarious all at the same time? I mean, I seriously burst out laughing at the pilgrim saying “I don’t like your tone”…does that make me a bad person?? lol!

    • OMG! You are such an INTELLIGENT blonde!!! 🙂
      So ALL those blonde jokes have been fake?
      I should’ve guessed it!
      Love and light dearest one! 🙂
      ~South Africa~

    • Thank you, PCC Advantage. I was going for something that was a lot shorter, but still funny. It doesn’t make you a bad person. It just means you have a good sense of humor and since you’re following this blog, we can assume that you have a great sense of humor. 😉

    • I think we’ve all thought about this at some point or another. I remember thinking, “What would I do if a bunch of weird people got off a ship, walked into my house and then started living in my basement?” I certainly wouldn’t show them how to grow corn, that’s for sure. I knew something was up with the kindergarten Turkey Day story. 😛

    • “So get off!” … Get off on what exactly? Please be a little more specific here. 🙂
      Get off on marijuana, booze, self-indulgence (you know what!), or what precisely? HA HA HA 🙂
      Only joking ~ HAPPY, HAPPIEST THANKS GIVING TO ALL WHO CELEBRATE SUCH! Make it an AWESOME one guys! The thought of Bush & Blair going to jail should surely top any previous Thanks Giving??? 🙂
      ~South Africa~

      • Which Bush? And if you mean Blair from the 80’s show “The Facts of Life”, don’t you think she’s suffered enough? I mean, she had to share a room with Jo/Joe and she/he had both female/male sexual organs/pianos!

  5. And the Brits call us barbaric…….

    Hmmmm….wonder where they got that idea from?

    Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!
    (love the cartoons!)

    • Thanks. This reminds me of the reference in Eurotrip where they mention that America was started by a bunch of prudes. Having lived in Europe for the past three years, I can say that there’s a nugget of truth in that. 🙂

    • I think you might have something there. I love the idea of incompetent supervillains.

      “…and then once the moon is over the western hemisphere, my death ray will… Terry! TERRY! Get the damn boom mic out of the shot! You’re making us look like a bunch of ass clowns! Ahem… where was I?”

  6. It’s so true. XD I’ve always wondered if the ‘First Thanksgiving’ our teachers harp on so much actually existed, and if it included smallpox infested blankets.

  7. I loved this! The simplicity and the quick change of tone was hilarious. I thoroughly enjoy your wit. Thanks for the laugh!

  8. Wow. You’ve got the nicest blog ever for me in WordPress. You attract and make others laugh like crazy at their seats. I hope I’ll get an idea that will attract people and at least help me from my problems. HA! There’s no turkey day in the Philippines, only turkeys. And it’s expensive here.

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