I’m Moving

Dear Readers,


Well, you’re really just regular people who happen to be reading at this particular moment. I mean, you do other stuff too. You don’t just sit around and read all day… not that it would be a bad thing if you did. Let’s put it this way though, if you died your tombstone wouldn’t say, “Here rests Blanky McBlankerson, reading extraordinaire.” That would be silly.


Anyway, I’m rambling in an attempt to delay the mildly bad news so here it goes…


Wife and I are moving back to the US.



It’s a good thing we have help. We have a lot of boxes.


I’ll update when I can, but between moving to another continent and searching for a job that’s not in the adult film industry, I’ll be very preoccupied.


I’ll still respond to comments and update the store when I can.




The underwhelmer


P.S. Don’t be sad. I’ll be making funnies on the interwebs again before you know it.


P.P.S. Here, I made you a Joseph Ducreux meme to get you through the day. Enjoy.