First Post… Yay!

Greetings everyone.  Today is my first post thanks to  Why anyone would give me the opportunity to talk to the world, I have no idea.

Here’s a list of things to expect in the near future from this site…..

-Updated format.  I’ll be working to personalize my little corner of the inter-webs.  I’m no computer programmer, but I’ve taken several hostage… Let’s see how they work under pressure.

-Nerd section.  This will link to all (nearly) things nerdy.  Expect links regarding science, comic books, time-travel theories and basically anything that if spoken in a public setting, would likely prevent you from having sex… ever.

-Humor section.  This will mostly consist of things that have happened in my life (or at least my perception of them).  I’ve had some tragically funny experiences that I hope to share.

-Poor quality drawings.  I am a terrible artist, but I understand that a good story needs to be punctuated with a good picture, even if it’s some kind of Microsoft paint abortion.

-Other shit I haven’t thought of yet.  As I muddle my way though this process, I’m sure to come up with fascinating topics, or not.  I haven’t made up my mind yet.