First Post… Yay!

Greetings everyone.  Today is my first post thanks to  Why anyone would give me the opportunity to talk to the world, I have no idea.

Here’s a list of things to expect in the near future from this site…..

-Updated format.  I’ll be working to personalize my little corner of the inter-webs.  I’m no computer programmer, but I’ve taken several hostage… Let’s see how they work under pressure.

-Nerd section.  This will link to all (nearly) things nerdy.  Expect links regarding science, comic books, time-travel theories and basically anything that if spoken in a public setting, would likely prevent you from having sex… ever.

-Humor section.  This will mostly consist of things that have happened in my life (or at least my perception of them).  I’ve had some tragically funny experiences that I hope to share.

-Poor quality drawings.  I am a terrible artist, but I understand that a good story needs to be punctuated with a good picture, even if it’s some kind of Microsoft paint abortion.

-Other shit I haven’t thought of yet.  As I muddle my way though this process, I’m sure to come up with fascinating topics, or not.  I haven’t made up my mind yet.

3 thoughts on “First Post… Yay!

  1. I just signed up with WordPress and found your blog. The first reason why I made it here is to create a blogsite for my music career…

    …and I found out there’s more than just making it!

    I hope you’ll make stuffs dealing with music. Cheers bro.

  2. I must say, that’s a fine first post if there ever was one. I’m going to have to spend a day catching up on your blog content — popped over from Middlest Sister. I must say I enjoy the flow-charting. Puts me back in engineering school, only now I’m laughing and peeing in my pants rather than drinking pots of coffee and wondering how I’ll ever pass the next electronics exam without a bit of magic smoke.

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