Early 1990s: The Best Time to be a Kid, Part I

I got up this morning, made my coffee and sat at my writing desk, as is my usual Sunday ritual.  My desk has a nice window view toward my neighborhood.  I get to write and draw for hours while watching my neighbors do normal human things.  There’s nothing like observing people interacting with each other outside on a bright, sunny day to remind me of how much of a creepy hermit I’ve become since I’ve started writing.

Azalea Bushes


Creepy as Hell

As I typed in my underpants, I noticed two ten-year-old boys sitting on the curb (stop thinking what you’re thinking you damned perverts) and they were both staring at their smart phones, presumably texting each other.

It was a beautiful day outside; why were they on their phones?.  They’re frigging ten… why do they have smart phones in the first place?  Shouldn’t they be chasing each other, throwing a ball or attaching fireworks to small animals?

I started thinking about how shitty it would be to re-live my childhood in 2013.  I’m glad that I grew up in that VHS inspired, color saturated fashion apocalypse that was the early 90s.  To illustrate how awesome this special period of time was to me, I’ve decided to put together a multi-part series showcasing, through charts and graphs, the ridiculous things that made being a kid in the 90s simply awesome.  And with that, I give you an analysis of that wondrous material crafted by the fun-gineers over at Nickelodeon, Gak.



P.S. My neighbors keep looking back at me.

P.P.S. Better put some pants on.