What School of Magic do You Prefer?



In keeping with our theme of wizards here at Live Nerd Repeat, I’ve decided to come up with a handy little tool to figure out what school of magic suits you… you know, in case you develop magic powers. Hey, you never know. Anyway, here it is so read on young wizard.


*click to enlarge.





P.S. I really need to stop playing Skyrim… It’s really starting to permeate all facets of my life.


P.P.S. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go to the store and restock on alchemy reagents; getting low on garlic and vampire dust.




31 thoughts on “What School of Magic do You Prefer?

  1. Awesome, as always. And now that you have mentioned Skyrim, I must replay it again. Perhaps, this time around, I will not let it consume every aspect of my life. Then again, it’s Skyrim.

  2. Lol, this is hilarious! My boyfriend and I constantly point out plants in real life that resemble ones from Skyrim, I see nothing wrong with this haha.

  3. Lol! Skyrim made me actually want to learn how to play video games. Now I own an Xbox. Skyrim is just that life changing.

  4. Conjuration/Enchanting, after all, you need to get souls for enchanting… and there is quite an abundance of black souls walking around. Maybe I should create an artifact that can be thrown into a group of enemies, prompting it to kill everyone and steal all of their souls. I would need to have multiple Azura’s Stars for that. Probably be easier if it just transformed all of them into undead thralls.

  5. Hahaha, I love Skyrim. 160 hours in and no sign of ending yet. Such a fun hobby. It actually draws some cool parallels with real life.

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