No, I won’t Play Farmville with You.

Dear Readers,

With the new job in full swing, it’s been hard to get behind the laptop and put my funnies into your brain. Don’t worry. Things are starting to level off and I’ll be back up to my old schedule in no time. For now, I’ve put together a little something to show you my feelings on Farmville… enjoy.




That’s right. I hate this game and I’d sooner gnaw my own arm off than play 15 minutes of it.

When I get one of these on Facebook,

I’m all like this…

and then I hit the delete button on the request.

I know you think your four hundred requests that you’ve sent to my Facebook page over the past year seem innocuous,

but in reality, it comes across like this…

*It is a really cute chicken though…

Do yourself and everyone else a favor; close down Facebook and pick up a copy of Skyrim.

The game of Skyrim a beautiful work of art with an enthralling story and engrossing atmosphere. It’s not some Adobe Flash, browser-based abomination; plus, Skyrim has chickens too, so the transition should be a little easier for you.


P.S. We can still be friends, just don’t ask me to play Farmville with you anymore.

P.P.S I’ve thought about it and the only way I’d play Farmville is if they added a Mongolian Horde DLC Pack, wherein I get to make a cute little Genghis Khan avatar, amass a raiding party and then put your farm to the sword.

*If you have somebody that won’t stop sending you Farmville invites, why not pass this blog post along to them? You’re welcome.

22 thoughts on “No, I won’t Play Farmville with You.

  1. And you can beat Skyrim. It has a purpose (and dragons – dragons are way cooler than chickens.) That being said, Skyrim’s main purpose is to rob me of my boyfriend for 80 hours, but that’s ok, I have blogs to read.

  2. I will admit to playing a few flash games on occasion, but I only send invites to petiole who play the game. That way I don’t bother people unnecessarily.

    Too bad more people don’t do that.

  3. hahaha…farmville is not that bad..i also hate game requests on facebook…but i love the country…raising chickens and pigs i love but bears..falling down from the sky… i just f*uckin hate it…hahaha…so yes, am with yah…no farmville…will just go to my province and feed chickens there..more realistic…hahahaha…

  4. I literally delete every game request that comes through on FB. I DON’T HAVE TIME TO PLAY WITH YOU… I’m too busy sharing my interesting life stories with strangers via the internet.

  5. My farm all died. I was going to be damned if I was going to once a day water my pixelated acreage just too keep the potatoes green.

  6. Phenomenal! My bosses are all into the whole castleville thing and they begged me for 3 months to play too. I figured I would try to indulge them since they do foot my paycheck. After about 2 weeks I wanted to kill myself, and destroy their little fairy land castles.

  7. Considering how they’ve made movies off of games, it’s just a matter of time before someone makes a Farmville movie. Which is will mock relentlessly in public, and weep about at night. Battleship the movie? Really?

  8. Given that I was once a player (lo those many years ago…), I can’t be too hateful of the poor wretches who get sucked into its vortex… however I do agree that some people just get too obsessively into it and start to border on the creepy.
    Thankfully I saw it coming and elected to just stop playing…

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