underwhelmer.com is my little corner of the inter-webs where I let funny things spill out of my skull.  These funny things are often accompanied by exquisite drawings, which are also funny.  These drawings may be purchased by you for a ridiculously high price so that I may continue with my Beluga caviar and Faberge egg addiction.  Thanks for stopping by.

P.S. Don’t forget to bring money next time…

92 thoughts on “About

  1. Can’t believe I haven’t commented on your About page yet. Just want to reaffirm that you, sir, are awesome, and I am envious of your humor-leaking skull.

    You should actually make some of those pictures available for purchase. I’d bite, seeing as how I’m trying to surround myself with blog-related paraphernalia for the purpose of inspiration.

    • Hmm. Money you say? 🙂

      I really want to do that, but with my current job and my shadowy puppet masters, I can’t do anything for profit at the moment. The next couple of months will be a different matter though!

      • Just found your very entertaining blog and feel compelled to tell you that I studied the Ninja Rainbow for a little while before I recognized the black area as a flying kick. I put some effort into it, figured it out, got that “a-HA!” flood of opiates and am now afterglowing. So much more rewarding than those Magic Eye migraine-inducers of the early 90’s.

        I look forward to poring through the rest of your blog.

  2. OMG! This was hilarious to say the very least. 🙂
    I can’t wait for Disclosure & then for our familes & friends from afar to join us en masse, so your tips were rather useful. HA HA
    BTW ~ I’m a huge Matthew & Suzy Ward fan & follow them on MatthewBooks. com as well as others via GalacticChannelings. com and SteveBeckow. com.
    Love & LIGHT funny Earthling!
    ~@nnie~ Durban ~ South Africa ~

  3. I know that humans told you already how funny and cool you are but I’ll tell you again: you are awesome! I laugh from the bottom of my… my soul! I really love your sense of humor, your style in writing, and your MSPaint art, you remind me of… me.

    I am happy that I found your blog – I saw your post “What to Do if You’re the First Human to Make Contact with Aliens” in the freshly pressed. Too bad I’m no active blogger to find a post by me there. Keep it up!

    P.S: Check out my blog if you want, even if I mostly use french to write – it’s my main language.

    One love.

    • Wow, thanks. I’ll certainly check out your blog, but I won’t tell Wife about you. She has a thing for French speakers and if you’re just like me, well then… I don’t think I can compete! 😛

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    • Wow, thanks! I don’t know why all you guys like my crappy drawings so much, but I won’t question it. My trophy shelf is looking fairly posh now!

      I’ll be sure to make my way over. Thanks again! 😛

  5. I am passing along the Humorous Blogger Award to you. I have created a permanent page for this award. Please reference the link for the rules.


    You can pick up your badge at:

    This is a special award. It is not your standard “list seven things about yourself” award. Instead it provides an opportunity to share your relationship with humor.

    Yours is one of my very favorite blogs. I hope you will have time to participate, but as always it is entirely your option.

    Miss D

  6. Real knee-tapper, this blog. I couldn’t help but notice… Is that a typo on the blog banner bio “Making life better though the perfect application of humor and nerdery”?
    I run spellcheck for free. No charge. Legal tender tips are entirely welcome.

  7. I absolutely love your blog! I just nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award :). Thanks for all the laughs from your posts!

  8. One of the most amazing blogs I’ve seen till now, which is the reason I’m nominating you for the “Versatile Blog Award”
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    PS: do check out my blog 🙂

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    • Thank you. 🙂

      I think that’s the whole reason I started up a humor blog was to make people laugh for a little bit… well that and the outside chance that I become hugely famous and people throw wads of cash at me on an hourly basis. 😉

  10. Greetings! Just letting you know that I’ve nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger Award because I have enjoyed reading your blog and the entertainment it has provided.

    If you wish to accept you must follow a few simple rules, thank the blogger who has nominated you, tell your readers about you and pass on the honor to some of your favorite bloggers.

    The award won’t make you rich or famous, in fact it means nothing more than someone appreciates your writing, but it is the thought that counts.


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  13. I just read your entire blog….entirely…something I rarely do. Hilarious! You should put a warning label, however, on your header: Do not consume hot beverages while reading the following as your hot beverage may come out of your nose. Seriously. Hot tea out the nose is not fun, but your illustrations are. Fun, that is. Illustrations shouldn’t come out your nose.

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