Live, Nerd, Repeat Update

I’ve been getting a lot of personal requests via G mail from readers to put custom items in my store. You’ll be happy to know that I’ve added them… all of them.


Didn’t know that you could contact me?


Didn’t know that I had a store?


Yes, you can contact me and yes, I do have a store.


Here’s how to get to the contact me tab for my email address.



Here’s the way to the store tab too.



Lastly, a lot of people don’t know that I’ve been posting roughly every week since August of last year so here’s how to get to my older posts. It’s hard to believe, but the drawings used to be worse than they are now.



That should do it for now. I’ve got to get back to work on The Great Migration Part III: The Career Search.




P.S. Please buy a bunch of merchandise from me. I owe a lot of money to dangerous people.


P.P.S If anybody ever tells you that a particular horse is “a sure thing” just walk away and cut your losses.


14 thoughts on “Live, Nerd, Repeat Update

  1. Wait, people contact you to request non-existent things that they wish they could buy from you? Must find way to steal your readers…

  2. I really don’t think this is clear enough – you’ve hidden all the essential info on the easy access menu bar. Shame on you!

    Maybe some flashing beacons or dancing elves would help? 🙂

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